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Wednesday 28th September 2022

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 London Stansted Airport


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terminal externalThis week MAG published its end year results for 2015/16, reporting a fifth consecutive year of growth and its most successful year ever. 

Passenger numbers overall have risen 7% to 51.9million - meaning 1 in 5 passengers to/from the UK travelled through MAG airports. In particular, Stansted added more passengers year-on-year than any other UK airport, placing it amongst the fastest growing airports in Europe, handling nearly 24 million passengers last year (up 32% since MAG acquisition in 2013). 

Demand for air travel and the value of aviation to the UK economy continued to grow - in our case far beyond forecast passengers numbers and supported by significant investment in our infrastructure and customer service.

Our airports have been able to outperform their competitors over the last year, largely because they still have the capacity to grow. In the coming years, as this country continues to see an increase in air travel, Government must ensure that aviation policy and infrastructure investment prioritises those airports where capacity already exists, such as Stansted and Manchester.

MAG’s business strategy has a long-term focus with resilient foundations, which will stand us in good stead to respond to any adverse consequences that may be felt by the UK economy following the country’s decision to the leave the EU. However, maintaining the UK's position at the heart of the Aviation Single Market, enabling the aviation sector to flourish and support the UK economy, must also be a priority for Government over the next six months.